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Emergency Services, Robotics, and Innovation

"Bringing your requirements to new heights"

Well-coordinated Disaster Response requires reliable communication, established perimeter security, and supplemental lighting... unfortunately, these often take weeks to re-establish... But it doesn't have to take that long. Ascender Systems has designed a climbing robot that scales utility/light/flag poles, pipes, and columns from 3" to 22". Our system climbs to the desired height and installs a leave-behind, with customizable gear, reconfigurable by our customers.

Our mission

To provide a safe and rapidly deployable climbing solution for maneuvering payloads into hard-to-reach areas.

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Primary NAICS: 624230 - Emergency And Other Relief Services

Secondary NAICS: 238210, 334290, 335131, 335132, 335139, 335999, 561621